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Crowd-authoring for Mental Health

Share your story

Just sharing your story can help normalise mental health and enable more people to seek help without suffering in silence. You will be surprised how useful your experiences will be to others. You may even save a few lives.

Share your experiences relating to stress and mental health in your personal writing style, providing enough information to allow our authors to convert them to a 2-4 page short story.

Fund their work

The 44 most inspirational stories will be compiled into a digital book, which will be sold online to generate funds and support charities that are actively working towards addressing Mental Health issues.

All income generated from this project will go to charities. Help us achieve a 6 figure fund to support their good work by spreading a word about our project and giving your time.

44 Stories is an initiative of SmallOutside.com, where awesome people are pushing technology for social good.

Like what we are doing?

Join our Slack workspace and meet other like-minded people who are trying to make a difference. You will not only support this project, but also make some great friends. You can help by funding our work too. Or simply spread the word and let your friends know.

Make Mental Health a priority. Spread the word.